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From our ActiveRain family to theirs - Let's help a family in need

My first Re-Blog.... Never thought much of this feature but I was just pointed to this post from Heather's re-blog so it does make a difference!

Everyone that has a Localism Sponsorship should make their $50 donation!

ActiveRain adopted a family for Christmas this year. We want to see if you will help us give them the best Christmas ever.

We actually adopted a little girl and her family through the Seattle Children's Hospital. Zorra is the little girl and she lives with her five siblings and their mom. The family is facing significant financial stressors, like many families across our country, that will prevent them from obtaining needed items during the holidays. Beyond the items they need, we also want to raise the spirits of five children in our community who will not have a Christmas if not for the helping hands of our great network.

Zorra's mother described how the family has lived in battered women's shelters and has faced homelessness on several occasions after she and Zorra's father separated. The mom and her six kids, ages 7-17, have been exposed to domestic violence in their home. While the family now has a stable home, the financial stressors are such that having enough food in the house is a challenge. Mom isn't able to work because several of her children are high needs, medically complex kids requiring a high level of supervision and frequent medical appointments. Mom does everything she can to make ends meet for this family. She feeds her kids each month with donations from the food bank and she was hoping that the family would be eligible for a holiday program otherwise her kids won't be able to open presents on Christmas.

The thought that there are kids, not just these six but many, who won't have presents on Christmas is heartbreaking. Here's why this hits so close to home for me.......

I grew up in a single parent home. My parents got divorced when I was 8. My dad used to beat up my mom. One day my mom decided enough was enough and loaded all of us up and never looked back. I have three younger brothers. My mom worked her butt off to provide for us when we were growing up. I can't remember one time looking back where I felt like I didn't have everything I needed. There may have been times I wanted something and didn't get it, but my mom made sure we got everything we needed.

So Zorra and I have something in common. I was raised by a single mom and I was exposed to domestic violence. But by the grace of God our family had our health. Let's give this family something to look forward to on Christmas.

They need everyday things that many of us take for granted. Paper Towels, laundry soap (can you image how much laundry 6 kids produce?), shampoo, bars of soap, pillows. I'd venture that very few people reading think twice about any of these things. The kids need things like underwear, socks, shoes, pajamas, rain coats. We would really like to get them a few things beyond this as well so that when they wake up Christmas morning they can experience some of the same joy that my son and your son's and daughter's get to experience on Christmas Morning.

If everyone just gave $5 or $10 we can really make a difference in this family's life. So if ActiveRain has helped your business this year, I'm just asking that you take a minute to donate what you can.

I need you guys to come through for me so I am going to offer a free year long Localism sponsorship to anyone that makes a donation of $50 or more. We really want to make this a special holiday for this family.

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