The Running Realtor: Today is Friday the 13th - Dare I discuss the color Black

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Today is Friday the 13th - Dare I discuss the color Black

I am a middle aged white man, non-racist, and aware of Imus but never followed his show. The evolution of the Imus story has caught everyone's attention and it gave me the idea of discussing the topic of color today, Black Friday the 13th. 

While thinking about writing this blog I was reflecting back over all the people I have known through the years, more specifically all the black people. I grew up in the 60's & 70's... The age of racial tension, Black Power, The Black Panthers, The Doors sang about  "Blood in the Streets in the town of New Haven". I went to school with black kids and my scout troop included black boys. 

Undoubtedly you noticed I used the word Black quite often.  My point is that although the politically correct term seems to change every decade, the word black was never considered racist in my day.  Even when I make an effort to be politically correct it backfires.  Recently I have heard the term "people of color" used several times so I asked my wife and son if the modern day usage of "colored people" was now the correct term.

NO.... You can't say that!

Today I took a look at the NAACP web site. (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)  They still use the term "colored people" instead of modernizing to African-Americans. They also refer to the Frenchmen as black, maybe he wasn't from Africa.

A specific word should not be twisted into a racial slur when it was never intended that way.  I find it ridiculous when people take offense to such minor things.  But... who cares what whitie thinks.  I actually heard that used the other day, in conversation with a Puerto Rican girl that I'm sure will read this.  I stopped and said what do you mean whitie.... she said you know... a gringo... I just laughed. Should I have been offended?


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People of color to our family has always meant everyone - I am native American - my sister is Hispanic, my brother - in-law is Italian - and my sister in law is black - so we have, red, brown, medium brown and darker brown - what do you say?  My daughter has said the world is made of people of color from the song - she learned in Sunday school years ago... I can almost hear the words... someone will help me... it starts something like Jesus loves the children of the world red and yellow pink and black?  not sure... anyway that is where my daughter got people of color - she went to school with all nationalities not just black or white or gray.
Posted by Thesa Chambers, Principal Broker - Licensed in Oregon (Fred Real Estate Group) about 12 years ago

Thesa...Thanks for commenting, guess my subject was to controversial for most.  I'd say you have a colorful bunch.  If you want to count extended family my sister-in-law is Italian but we consider her white, the Puerto Rican girl will soon be a marrying into into the family, my father-in-law is Egyptian and my brother's first wife was black.  She is no longer in the picture but they had a daughter so I guess that is called the shades of gray. I recall my wife once saying something about being a few ounces -XXX-.

Opps... did it again.  Since you are Native American and I was thinking of a trickle of Indian blood my wife once mentioned my first thought was squaw  - sure enough it is also taboo.

Hmm... Have they rewritting history books and banished all the words used when I grew up? 

Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) about 12 years ago
Dan, no offense was intended....
It is more of a "cultural" matter than a "color" matter (we PRicans are a particularly multi-colored bunch!). Sometimes, even after the 5 years I have been living in the continental US, some customs seem too foreign to me. However, if I had any "color" issues, I would say you and your family are my favorite "whities". 

Much love!
Posted by Nadya about 12 years ago

Nadya,  I know there was no offense and that was my point. People these days go out of their way looking for excuses to whine.  They need to grow up and get over it!  Maybe Imus should have used "Nasty Ass Honeys" but that would most likely still bring the racist cries of Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton who do nothing more than preach "Look at Me" and use their scare tactic campaign to stifle people.

Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) about 12 years ago

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