The Running Realtor: Reflections on Reaching the Peak with Team in Training

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Reflections on Reaching the Peak with Team in Training

As many of you know back in January I signed on with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's TEAM IN TRAINING.  Since I've always been very level headed I took their sales hype about participation being a Life Changing Experience with a grain of salt and fully expected fundraising to be a difficult task.  Sunday morning as I drove to our longest scheduled run of 20 miles I was reflecting back on the 16 weeks leading up to this point.

During the early months my time was consumed with raising money.  I sent out Press Releases and mailed letters to family, friends and business associates asking for a small contribution.  My thought was to encourage 200 people to offer donations of $25 each for a total goal of $5000. I Failed!  What I did get was less than 100 donations but the dollar amounts were very generous.

My single largest contribution came from a man I had never met until last week.  During dinner conversation he asked if I ever Hit The Wall.   I told him our training schedule was designed to have us approach The Wall but hopefully avoid it and our longest test run was coming up...

My first 10 miles were perfectly paced but oddly I started to slow and dropped off a minute per mile.  By mile 15 I was feeling tight and thinking cutting my 3/4 acre lawn with a 22" push mower on Saturday afternoon might not be classified as resting before the long run.  The coach at mile 17 suggested I stretch a little and that brought on severe leg cramps.  He asked if I was running on the sidewalk and coincidentally since this training was in unfamiliar territory I was on the sidewalk most of the time. It was then that he told me concrete is much tougher on the body and whenever possible I should stay on the softer asphalt road. It was to late to salvage that run so I walked the final three miles and will not be running on sidewalks in the future.

Olivia receives Tee Shirt signed by Connectict Team in Training MembersOur honored Teammate, Olivia was also up and out of her home early to meet us before the 7:00 am run. After all the reflection of successful fundraising techniques and running miles in the rain and snow the real payback for participation stood before us.  Diagnosed at 4-1/2 years old and going through 3 years of treatment she is now a normal 10 year old that is cancer free.  Other than the minor inconvenience of having her blood monitored she can live the carefree life of a kid....

What was reinforced by my involvement with the team was something I already knew.... Money doesn't mean shit! There will come a time in most everyones life when they realize that $20 bill they hold so dear will not buy them another minute.  If I can offer one bit of wisdom let me say Loosen Up, Give a Little...

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Dan, 20 miles you are almost there, only six more for the full Marathon distance :)

How much have you raised to date???

Posted by George Souto, Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert (George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages) about 12 years ago

Dan, Best wishes. I hope we have a break in the weather for the day of the Marathon.

Posted by Mana Tulberg, Real Estate Agent - Camarillo CA (805 County Real Estate) about 12 years ago

Dan... that stinks... you have only $3,840... when I last donated, about 3 weeks ago, I think you were like $1,400 away.  Not much since then.... hhhhmmmm...   How about another $20....  or, if you and Sandra don't come down on Thursday, take that money that you would have spent on gas and donate that money on our behalf....????

jeff belonger

Posted by Jeff Belonger, The FHA Expert - FHA Loans - FHA mortgages - USDA loans - VA Loans ( Social Media - Infinity Home Mortgage Company, Inc) about 12 years ago

George...  From what I've read a marathon comes in two stages.... The first 20 miles and the last 6!  My results in the 20 miler were a bit discouraging but I will start drinking more to prevent cramping and hope the race day adreneline pushes me to the finish line quick enough to meet my self imposed target time.

Mana... What Weather????  I thought it never rained in Southern California and expect the temp around 60 at start time and in the 70's when I finish.

Jeff... As you noticed not much has come in during the last few weeks.  I have donated about $300 so far plus requested donations in lieu of birthday presents from my family.  Going in I anticipated my costs for fundraising, personal contributions and traveling would be about $1000... Now it looks about double but it's only money.  Fortuantely I am no where near destitute and have my health so I can always earn more....

Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) about 12 years ago

Dan - I know I don't say it often, but you are right, honey. We are very luckly. We have our health. And as you elegantly put it money doesn't mean crap and won't buy you an extra minute on this earth. Well said.

Posted by Sandra Cummings, Real Estate Agent, Guilford Connecticut (William Raveis Real Estate) about 12 years ago

Dan I think it is great that you are able to do these runs for charity. Although I am an athlete I have never liked or had the drive to be a runner. I think Sandra should poney up a long message for you :)

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) about 12 years ago

Sandra... Even Bill thinks you should be working my legs...

Bill... I did mention to Sandra that I should have sent her to Massage School when my marathon training started but she wasn't very enthusiastic.


Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) about 12 years ago

Dan - I will contribute $20 if you will contribute $20 to my participation in the race for the cure - I put in your $20 in your name you put in my $20 in my name and away we go - both win let me know by email

Posted by Thesa Chambers, Principal Broker - Licensed in Oregon (Fred Real Estate Group) about 12 years ago

Thesa... Since I know all your details I plugged in the information and made the donation.  You should receive an email confirmation.... BUT.... Just for the record swapping $20's instantaneously defeats the purpose.

Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) about 12 years ago

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