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Flowers & Candy & Dinner with Dan...?


OK Guy's... We have arrived!!!  Down to the wire... 24 hours...

Another "Hallmark Holiday" is here!

Is there anything new after all these years..?  

First we have the ABC's... Anniversary, Birthday & Christmas, those are the big three. Going into March it would be nice to call Valentine's Day the final of four, but many of us know Mother's Day is around the corner at the beginning of May.  Arrggg!!!!.. we need some ideas...

It seems the early years and the later years are the tough ones...  In the middle we learn from our past mistakes and find the time & energy to be creative and undertake the Shopping Mission...

Call the florist for a delivery,  stop in the local jewelry store and drop a few bucks, maybe a bottle of her favorite fragrance or a daring nighttime outfit she'll never wear....  It all sounds familiar year after year...

So Ladies here is a chance...Any Ideas...???      Thanks in Advance 

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Comment balloon 4 commentsNo Longer Active • February 13 2007 04:13AM


Dan -

I am not a person who likes to receive gifts - especially candy and flowers. I think they are played out and unoriginal (a copout, if you will) so I commend you for trying to shake things up.  What is your wife interested in? Does she have hobbies? 

Two of the best gifts my husband ever gave me - a Sanduko chef's knife (best thing ever, because he actually remembered my pointing one out at Sur La Table SIX MONTHS before, not just becaue I wanted the knife.) and an architectural boat tour on the Chicago river (in July, not February, obviously) because he knows I love architecture and photos thereof.  I spent an entire afternoon taking photos of buildings and not from the street!  IT WAS GREAT!

Tap into the things that she loves.  That is the best advice I can give you.  Hope that helps!

Posted by Kimberly Wester about 12 years ago


Thanks for the response, I was beginning to wonder if I had somehow been unknowingly blackballed on this system since I have received only a few comments in my first two weeks.  Figured this subject would draw some attention.

Her main hobby is reading but the problem with that is she buys every book as soon as it's out.


Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) about 12 years ago

Dan -

This is the first time I have seen one of your posts, but if you have been bladkballed, I am out of the loop! :)

All is not lost.  Does she have a favorite author?  You could buy her their autobiography (if there is one) or an obsure early publication she may have missed.  You could also buy her an MP3 player and a subscription for a "books on tape" download service.  That way she can "read" no matter what she is doing.

One really inexpensive and incredibly romantic thing you can do - purchase a beautiful blank journal, write on the first page "I love you so much I could write a book about it - so I did.  To my wonderful Wife, love Dan." You may paraphrase.;)  Then write something different you love about her on each page.  The great thing is, it doesn't have to be full, because you can find new things to write about her all the time.  It would be a great thing to read through when she is having a bad day.

Now, I'm out of ideas - Good luck!


Posted by Kimberly Wester about 12 years ago

Blackballed was just my figure of speech... I'm still learning my way around and trying to figure out how the exposure works. Today was the first time I joined & posted in some of the groups.

The MP3 player was a hit a few years ago, I ordered the Ipod personalized and when tracking the shipment is was actually sent over on the "slow boat from China".  Over the years I have searched the vintage book stores and on-line shops so I exhausted the early publications and found several limited editions from authors she reads.  The Blank Journal is an idea but I'll tuck it away for the future...  Takes me time to think...

Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) about 12 years ago

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