The Running Realtor: How do I stop a Junk Mailer from using my Address?

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How do I stop a Junk Mailer from using my Address?

Welcome to Tee'd Off Tuesday... This week I noticed a new junk mailer making their way into my inbox and they are using my email address. Most of us become accustom to seeing trash but this is the first time my email as been associated with the junk. How do I combat this theft of my address?

The first message showed up last Thursday and then four more hit on Friday.  Hoped if I ignored the jackass they would move on fast so my domain name is left untarnished as a mass emailer of junk. 

Reviewing the full headers associated with each email reveals they are filtered through two separate foreign accounts each using a different IP address and two return paths. Neither makes sense to me because if a person hits reply the email comes to me :

IP Address

Return Path 1

Return Path 2

If this continues I'd like to know who to contact so my name is not linked with junk mail.  Any Suggestions?

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Dan, I do not know the answer and I have had this happening to me in my 20 something emails. (I host websites) I am parking here to see if you get any answers.
Posted by Karen Hurst, Rhode Island Waterfront! (RICOASTALLIVING.COM) over 11 years ago
What an excellent topic for Tee'd Off Tuesday!  This happens to me quite frequently, but I have no idea how it's done or how to stop it from happening!  I know AR is full of computer experts..I just don't happen to be one of them! I'll be watching to see if anyone can help us out!
Posted by Barbara Hershey, Realtor, Maine Real Estate over 11 years ago
Unfortunately I don't think there is anything you can do about it. Usually it stops after a short period of time.
Posted by Hank Roeters (Platinum Partners Realtors) over 11 years ago
Dan - Tell Sandra to quit downloading Midget....this is public....Line Dancing....
Posted by Jason Sardi, Your Agent for Life (Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina) over 11 years ago

I don't think that there is anything you can do either. It happens on our work email all the time... usually going between agents and it's frustrating.

Posted by Lindsey Hasford, Bringing you home... (Edina Realty) over 11 years ago

Karen... Glad to hear it's so common, was worried I'd wind up on some spam list and be blocked from sending mail if I let it go.

Barbara... Figured with all the computer wizards around here someone might offer some helpful tips.

Hank... I was counting on them just using it for a few batches and moving on without any damage to me.

Jason... Is Midget the polically correct term these day?  I just got used to the fact that they're Little People but I suppose next to you most of us are considered short.

Linsdey... Hopefully no harm is done but I did receive a call today from someone that had my correct email address but it was bounced back as unknown.  I got here address and sent an email from which she responded but we're clueless as to why the earlier one did not come to me. 

Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) over 11 years ago

In more ways than one Dan! :))

Just trying to get you pissed off - it's Tuesday, ya know!!  MWA!!

Posted by Jennifer Monroe, Real Estate REALTORĀ®/Broker in Beautiful Charlotte (Savvy + Company Real Estate) over 11 years ago
Jennifer... Stop... You're making me itch!   And wouldn't you know Sandra's in bed with a headache today so I guess I'll have to run a few extra miles to unload my excess energy...
Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) over 11 years ago
Dan like most that have responded I also get these, and it would be nice to prevent it from happening.  Hopefully on of the computer geeks on here will have an answer, if not I will just keep on hitting delete.  I hope that key does not wear out.
Posted by George Souto, Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert (George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages) over 11 years ago
You might have to kill someone, Dan.
Posted by Paul Slaybaugh, Scottsdale, AZ Real Estate (Realty Executives) over 11 years ago

Dan... I'm so laughing at you! Who do you have in mind as a 'scratcher'?? LOL!!

p.s. You know the cure for Sandra... now go scratch her! 

Posted by Jennifer Monroe, Real Estate REALTORĀ®/Broker in Beautiful Charlotte (Savvy + Company Real Estate) over 11 years ago

George... I don't mind hitting delete when the junk comes to me but I just don't want others thinking I am sending junk mail and having my domain be blocked because of spam...

Paul... There are some thoughts you sound never think out loud let alone put in writing...

Jennifer... You should no all the relief remedies... Sandra's also has a cold so I'm keeping my distance... What's the old saying.... Not going near her with a 10 foot pole.... LOL


Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) over 11 years ago

You know I love being talked about when I'm not even around......

Sardi - Have my own computer.....maybe Dan's checking out those midgets : O)

Jennifer - Stop making Dan itch....


Posted by Sandra Cummings, Real Estate Agent, Guilford Connecticut (William Raveis Real Estate) over 11 years ago
Dan - I had this happen and it did stop - but there is a local bank here that we all get spam like crazy from someone doing this - the email is loaded with nasty links some are porn and some are sites with virus and worms - I would love to get my hands on these jerks
Posted by Thesa Chambers, Principal Broker - Licensed in Oregon (Fred Real Estate Group) over 11 years ago
OH MAN, Dan...I have the same problem. I was just asking someone today how to get rid of it. I'm receiving at least 100 junk emails a least half of them promising to enlarge know. Until a few months ago, I never received any junk mail through my website. CALGON...TAKE IT AWAY!! :-)
Posted by Elizabeth Nieves, Bilingual Raleigh - Durham North Carolina Real Estate Team (The Elizabeth Nieves Realty Group) over 11 years ago
My Sandra... Submit to the cure!! (that'll fix him!)
Posted by Jennifer Monroe, Real Estate REALTORĀ®/Broker in Beautiful Charlotte (Savvy + Company Real Estate) over 11 years ago
I have had this same issue.  It is usually gone after a couple of days.  You could try to contact your email service provider and see if they can block them.
Posted by James Downing (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage) over 11 years ago

Let me know if you figure out how to stop it.  I hate getting that message that says your mail could not be delivered to the intended recipient, and when I look at intended recipient, I know I didn't send anything to them!  I have been told that when you put direct links to your email address in a web page, it will increase your spam.  You can break the link above so the spam bots don't catch it just by putting a space between dan and the @ symbol.


Posted by Ginger Wilcox (Sindeo) over 11 years ago

Thesa... Maybe I jumped the gun to worry about my name being tainted as a spammer...  No junk using my address has landed in my mailbox for three days..

Elizabeth...  LOL... Wonder if they distinguish between the sexes with their enlargement offers....

Jennifer.... As time ticks away......

James... It has subsided for the last few days, hopefully it was just a passing annoyance.

Ginger... For someone claiming not to be a Techie you certainly know all the little tricks.



Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) over 11 years ago
I am a secret tech geek.  really!
Posted by Ginger Wilcox (Sindeo) over 11 years ago
Great post, Dan. I was hoping to find the solution by the time I got to the bottom, but it looks like we're all in the same boat. Truly a very annoying problem. I'll check back to see if someone solves this.
Posted by Dean Christiansen (EXIT Three Rivers Realty) over 11 years ago

Hi, Dan.

I'm Japanese.

Its happen same problem on my mailer, at Japan now.

I can look here on search at google.

I'm sorry for my poor engilish words for you...

Thank you.

Posted by Masaki Michael about 11 years ago
Man that stinks!  When ever I get paper junk mail I send it back to them in the pre-paid envelope they sent me. 
Posted by Joe Davis (Indiana Commercial Realty) about 11 years ago
I sure wish someone would solve this problem.  Same as everyone else here at one time I seldom had trash in my inbox as I could filter it out to Junk, now I would be filtering out my own domain.  My solutioin for the moment is to automatically delete anything showing my email address as sender and saving all junk to empty one time a day as I am shuting down my computer.
Posted by Charles about 11 years ago

Posted by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

Absolutely nothing you can do to be honest, they are faking your email headrer but intruth the actual email route shows clearly it isnt from you, and this is what 99% of companies look for is the IP's.

You could try getting a spam blocker program that reports back to the originating senders ISP, but often spammers use either open relays or paid for spam servers..


Posted by Adrian almost 11 years ago

There is only one way to stop this happening and that is to disallow people have sex with animals and then have half human kids. These guys who does these type of spasms are all schools rejects. They  want to prove to themselves they are not losers. Believe me if you see them, they are typical examples of people who Wank in the darkness while having images of their own mothers breasts in their mind. No intelligent human will do what they do. Don't worry your emails address won't get blocked. The header clearly shows they are from someone else. Just a reminder to everyone. DO NOT KEEP YOUR FRIENDS EMAIL ADDRESS ON ANY WEB ACCOUNTS. That is how they get the addresses from first place.


Don't reply to them or click on any attachment they send. Sooner or later they'll end up drug addicts and/or arse-holes like that and will end up in jail. We caught one of them and after we beat the crap out of him we found out he has files in police for raping a little kitten!

Posted by A friend almost 11 years ago

I got the same thing this morning.  I am copying the entire thing and sending it with a note to my ISP so they can check it out.  I won't tolerate spam and am not going to be called a spammer.

Posted by Janet almost 11 years ago

Check the full header for the IP address from where it originated.  Then once you find that, copy and paste the entire message and mail it to "abuse@whatever" (what the IP Address locator tool gave you.)  If that server fails to stop the abuse they are at risk of losing their priviledges.  DO NOT allow pictures to automatically load into your email, it is through the pictures or you clicking on an enclosed link.  In order to find out any information about the sender if you are so inclined, type the address of any link into a new browser, NEVER click on a link in these emails. 

When sending any emails to several people always protect yourself and them by using the BCC line for all your addresses so you do not disclose everyone's email address that you are sending to. Have you ever received a forwarded message and you have to scroll through many lines of email addresses just to get to the intended message?  Think of how many people you are disclosing email addresses to and you probsably don't know all the people who are listed in the forward.  ALWAYS use the BCC line to protected those you are communicating with via email.  It is a common courtesy to keep their email addresses safe by using that line. 

Also when posting an email address in a webpage, cloak your email address using ASCII or some sort of filter, spelling out the dot instead of inserting a period will disclose that email address to a human or use some other technique that a human can understand but not a machine.  It will cut down on a lot of that.  Also on other thing that I noticed happened, if you are composing a message then delete it and you have one of these little buggers that has your email address your deleted message will be filled in by this spammer and they will get your ip somewhere in the header of the message they send but your email addy and ip address are discovered in the headers.  I have seen it happen to myself but when I tracked the message it went elsewhere or came from somewhere but not show up in your sent folder.

I also switch my email addresses for all my websites using a disposable email address for contacts in my webpages.  These dummy addys cloak your permanent email address and you can simply discard them after a certain time frame and that will help eliminate the problem as the email address they got from your site ends up changing frequently leaving the previous one obsolete.  This will help protect you from ending up having a lot of spam mails sent using your email address. 

I know, long winded but they're a few tricks I have learned as I've gone along.  The full headers of any email can tell you a lot if you know how to read it.  Good luck!

Posted by Summer over 10 years ago

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