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Madison CT, 06443 - 2007 Home Sales

Do you ever wonder what those homes are worth when you're driving around town?  Below are a sampling from the roughly 230 single family properties that sold during 2007. To give you an indication of Madison's diverse housing stock I have chosen 30 homes from each end of the spectrum. 

Modest homes start in the low 200's and several million dollars can be spent in prime neighborhoods.  The median sales price in 2007 for the town of Madison was about $525,000.  Half the residential properties sold for less and half for more.  Madison remains one of the most affluent towns in New Haven County.


.Town / State Street NameBedroomsBathsSquare FeetSales Price
 Madison, CT Woodland Road31.01352180,000
 Madison, CT Durham Road41.11652200,000
 Madison, CT Samantha Lane32.01306224,400
 Madison, CT Stephanie Court32.01320224,400
 Madison, CT Kelsey Place21.0720225,000
 Madison, CT HorespondRoad31.11246260,000
 Madison, CT Green Acres Drive21.0900263,000
 Madison, CT Beechwood Drive21.01065265,000
 Madison, CT Twin Bridge Road11.0780270,000
 Madison, CT River Road31.01384275,000
 Madison, CT HorespondRoad31.11560279,000
 Madison, CT Bartlett Drive31.11824285,000
 Madison, CT Scotland Road31.11824285,000
 Madison, CT New Road31.11595297,000
 Madison, CT Beechwood Drive32.02395297,000
 Madison, CT Granby Drive43.02322297,500
 Madison, CT Hickory Lane32.02050301,990
 Madison, CT Cedarcroft Drive31.12028303,000
 Madison, CT Hunters Trail31.11352303,700
 Madison, CT Durham Road31.01040305,000
 Madison, CT Deepwood Lane41.11806306,000
 Madison, CT High Hill Circle32.01494312,000
 Madison, CT Birch Lane41.11935314,000
 Madison, CT Durham Road32.01700320,000
 Madison, CT Old Farms Road41.11818323,000
 Madison, CT Fort Path Road32.12072332,500
 Madison, CT Scotland Avenue21.11305338,725
 Madison, CT Duck Hole Road32.12068345,000
 Madison, CT Durham Road32.51853350,000
 Madison, CT Brookview Terrrace42.11439350,000
 Madison, CT Govenor's Way43.142001,038,000
 Madison, CT Field Brook Road53.152001,041,220
 Madison, CT Webster Point Road32.022081,050,000
 Madison, CT Signal Hill Road43.132501,050,000
 Madison, CT Saxon Road43.146931,050,000
 Madison, CT Barberry Lane42.120181,083,000
 Madison, CT Dairy Hill Road54.143001,100,000
 Madison, CT Stanton Court52.147911,100,000
 Madison, CT Hilltop Drive42.334371,125,000
 Madison, CT Govenor's Way42.140001,168,931
 Madison, CT Govenor's Way45.156761,229,000
 Madison, CT Toffee Lane32.123241,240,000
 Madison, CT Liberty Street43.135001,345,000
 Madison, CT Middle Beach Road73.132111,350,000
 Madison, CT Barberry Lane44.029191,377,500
 Madison, CT Island Avenue43.134001,540,000
 Madison, CT Wickford Place54.351181,560,000
 Madison, CT Manzoni Farm Drive44.253581,596,000
 Madison, CT Nepture Avenue44.033071,625,000
 Madison, CT Lantern Hill44.154001,775,000
 Madison, CT Hartford Avenue55.163001,803,000
 Madison, CT Grove Avenue54.028011,850,000
 Madison, CT Boston Post Road43.241521,870,000
 Madison, CT Hotchkiss Lane22.134931,875,000
 Madison, CT Soundview Avenue43.025612,100,000
 Madison, CT Middle Beach Road43.127262,100,000
 Madison, CT Parker Lane62.129512,200,000
 Madison, CT Johns Path52.266112,300,000
 Madison, CT Middle Beach Road43.124742,647,500
 Madison, CT Seaview Avenue54.142632,725,000
.Madison, CT Hotchkiss Lane53.156003,000,000

 Home Value Graphic

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Comment balloon 4 commentsNo Longer Active • January 05 2008 03:34PM


Dan you are on a Market Report tier :)

I never would of thought that you could buy a house in Madison for as low as $180,000.  Did it have walls? ........ LOL 

Posted by George Souto, Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert (George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages) over 11 years ago
George... Technically it was a Handyman's Home.....
Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) over 11 years ago
We still have NEW homes being sold for around $110,000! The median price is $184,00. But I have seen a $10,000,000 home listed as well! You get a lot of bang for the bucks on that one!
Posted by Danny Smith (DISCOVER TEXAS HOMES) over 11 years ago
Danny.... Sounds very affordable.... There are several condo complexes in neighboring towns were a buyer can find a home under 200k and I did sell a few condos in the 110,000 range recently.
Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) over 11 years ago

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