The Running Realtor: Great Falls Balloon Festival - 2007

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Great Falls Balloon Festival - 2007


Awakening after only two hours sleep to begin our drive from Connecticut to the LA area for the first Launch of Balloons at 6:00 am Friday Morning proved to be a wise move.  Weather conditions were classified as near perfect and balloons filled the sky.  Later that afternoon the winds picked up so only one pilot ventured into the sky at 6 pm and Saturday morning brought rain so I assume the launch was scrubbed.

So.. What do you do when the balloons are grounded?  Plenty!  The partially inflated balloon gave children a chance to run around inside one of the massive balloons.  Curious kids & adults could get an up-close look at the basket and controls. For the hungry there was plenty to eat.  The nighttime festivities brought out a thick crowd for the crisp summer evening.









  There was also an abundance of nighttime entertainment to satisfy the crowd.  Lisa Cummings, known as Imari & The Sahara Desert Dancers put on a show.  All the ladies look like they were having great fun shakin' to the music.  Fitness enthusiasts will find belly dancing offers a good cardio workout along with a full range of muscle toning exercises.

Anyone in the L/A area interested in pursuing the art can take classes this fall.  Instruction is also available in other towns throughout Western Maine & North Conway, NH. 

Next on the agenda that evening was a flashback to the disco days with Motor Booty Affair.  Since I was never known as Disco Dan I was not familiar with the group but heard many people in the crowd reminiscing about the days of their youth.  One couple traveled up from Boston the catch the show because they just can't find great stuff like this in the city.   The band came out dressed and ready as darkness descended so after the first few photo the camera was tucked away for the night.

If you missed your opportunity to see the 15th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival this year mark your calendar for mid-August next year.  More information can be found on their web site.

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Sounds like you and Sandra had a great time! I have never heard of that band, but would have enjoyed the disco! Belly dancing looks like fun!!!! :)

Posted by Suzanne Sands, Somerset MA Real Estate (Pavao Real Estate) almost 12 years ago
Suzanne,  I never heard of the band either but thought it was the one you mentioned a month or so ago.  Looked it up today and see it was The Gap Band... Also never made my list of bands during the short lived disco phase.  Sort of like the Rap is Crap saying I used when my son was into stuff like Beastie Boys or  they could have been pre-rap.  Guess I'll never out grow that Ol' Time Rock & Roll...
Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) almost 12 years ago


Seeing all of the people in the balloon really puts into perspective how big they really are.  I had the privilege of a hot air balloon ride once....  it was awesome!  Where are the pics of you and Sandra belly dancing?

Posted by Sandi Bauman, Chico CA Realtor (Chico Homes Real Estate) almost 12 years ago
Dan, there sure was enough there to keep you busy, and of course your reason for watching the Belly was to purely evaluate the cardio value of this practice.
Posted by George Souto, Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert (George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages) almost 12 years ago
Dan, you drove from CT to LA??  Wow!  Those baloons must have been quite a sight!  Thanks for sharing with us.
Posted by Maggie Dokic | Miami, FL | 305.81.HOUSE (46873), GREEN, CDPE, SFR, Pinecrest | Palmetto Bay | (eXp Realty LLC) almost 12 years ago
Dan;  I love to watch belly dancers.... my husband thinks I am crazy.... but hey those girls have moves - off to get my book meme done for Sandra
Posted by Thesa Chambers, Principal Broker - Licensed in Oregon (Fred Real Estate Group) almost 12 years ago
Great post and photos.  Is it posted on Localism?
Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) almost 12 years ago

Sandi...  They are quite large, this is the first time we really got close to the action.  In the past my relatives have always told us the preferred parking and viewing areas but you'd only see the activity from a distance.  This year we went by ourselves and paid the big $5 parking fee....

George...Yes, the cardio value plus exercise my brain using physics & geometry to triangulate probable bone position and calculate the speed of the movement....  The results were a blur..... LOL

Maggie... In Maine I can travel the world in an hour,  Town names like China, Mexico or Paris used to confuse me but now when a local tells me to try Paris for lunch - I know it's on a few towns away.

Thesa... It was the first time I saw the show, great fun and fitness combined.

Mike... Yes, put it in Maine localism.  Since I spend so much time in Maine I'll have to hook up with an agent in case I get referrals.  Have invited a few to ActiveRain but the invitation went unanswered.  Suppose I could stop in and visit some agents or call but if they cannot even answer an email they don't fit my expectation for a referral.


Posted by No Longer Active (Real Estate) almost 12 years ago

Say hello to your wife, I have been very busy these days, lot of work, still no money :) LOL ! :) but ohh well, what we can do ?   great photos, I believe that you had a great time.

Ray saenz
Posted by Ray Saenz, Homes for Sale in Laredo, TX - Texas, Realtor (Exit Realty Laredo) almost 12 years ago

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