The Running Realtor: August 2008

A blend of ramblings about Real Estate & Running around New Haven County and the Connecticut Shoreline

Running Rainers Miami Marathon Mingle

Quite often my eyes will catch the word RUNNING in a blog title so of course I click to see what it's all about.  A few months ago a title of interest really hit me when I saw  "Be a Running Realtor" since I began branding myself as the Running Realtor shortly after discovering the Active Rain Real Estate Network.

Pat Murray - Naples Running RealtorThe post happened to be authored by a relatively new blogger, Pat Murray of Naples Florida, who is planning to run her first Marathon in Miami on January 25, 2009 and was looking for other real estate professionals that might want to participate in the event.Dan Cummings - Running Realtor in 2007 Hartford Half Marathon

Fast forwarding a few months as fate would have it I wound up stranded on Fort Myers Beach for a week so I had an opportunity to run with Pat.  Although she says she is "not a runner" she pushed the pace in the early morning heat and humidity of Florida and told me the weather conditions we ran in were nothing like what would be expected on race day.  January in Miami has an average low temp of 60 and highs in the mid-70's.  Very nice running conditions for me and a great break from the winter conditions in New England.

I haven't committed to running Miami yet but it is being considered.  After running my first 26.2 mile event in San Diego on June 1st with the Team in Training one of my coaches noticed my photo was being used to publicize the Hartford Marathon so I figured I should run that event in October.  I was planning a little break after 40 weeks of continuous training but maybe I will look into a 3 week rest and a condensed training program to prepare for Miami. 

Marathon training typically involves a 16-20 week program so if you would like to Mingle in Miami with other Active Rain Real Estate Pro's now it the time to start thinking about it.

Dan Cummings - ActiveRain Running RealtorWho knows.... If we get enough support maybe we can plan an Active Rain Running Realtor event every year.  Not sure if we should go for custom shirts though,  I wore one once and appropriately got Rained On.....

Where ever you travel in the United States it's easy to find a good running route or a good Realtor.  If you need assistance relocating to the Connecticut Shoreline contact me, or call my Access Line at 203-672-2455

My ever growing list of Real Estate Professionals from Coast to Coast will also help you find a good agent in other parts of the country.

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Running Rainers Miami Marathon Mingle
Quite often my eyes will catch the word RUNNING in a blog title so of course I click to see what it's all about. A few months ago a title of interest really hit me when I saw " Be a Running Realtor " since I began branding myself as the… more
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