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Today - Think like a Thief!

Yesterday I was stuck on the letter "S" and planned to write a piece on home security but instead wrote about the tragic crime that has been on my mind.  Today I woke up with "T" and decided to Think like a Thief.

We have all seen tips about what to do when we go away.  Stop your mail and newspaper or have a neighbor bring it in so the pile doesn't advertise the fact that you are away.  Place lights on automatic timers so they are turned on and off to simulate activity.   These are certainly worthwhile tasks but my concern is not so much for the material possessions that can be replace but more importantly the safety of family members while home.

EXTERIOR precautions make sense to deter criminals when you are home or away. 

  • Eliminate the hiding places - Keep bushes trimmed so you can see, especially around the entryways.
  • Lock the doors - consider an additional interior safety bar or lock for extra protection while you are home.
  • Lock the windows - also use supplemental means to prevent opening if the pane of glass is broken.
  • Remove clutter - Ladders, tools, bats or horseshoes can be used to gain entry or as weapons.
  • Security System - A monitored system is good but even just the sign of one can be a deterrent.

INTERIOR protection for you valuables and your family.

  • Keep Cash and Jewlery stored in a safe location that is out of sight.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for strange sounds or sights at your home and your neighbors.
  • Dogs - if you like animals the security value of a large dog is a plus.
  • Weapons - in a life or death situation strategically placed weapons my save your life.
  • Think - be cautious before you investigate a noise - when in doubt call authorities.

Remember as law abiding citizens we look at the good and tend to forget there are plenty of terrible people in this world.  The turn the other cheek mentality does not always work.  Some crime calls for TERMINATION TIME!

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