The Running Realtor: April 2007

A blend of ramblings about Real Estate & Running around New Haven County and the Connecticut Shoreline

NO! - Not the way to begin my day!

Dating back to the late 1600's people have said "The Early Bird Catches The Worm". 

Well... last night I shut down at about 10:00 pm and relaxed for an hour before bed... 4:30 am Rise & Shine to start my busy day.  Figured I would spend my first hour on a blog before moving into my normal routine.   Life just loves throwing me curves!  Instead of writing my intended piece ActiveRain was DOWN.

That led to all kinds of terrible thoughts.  What if the site just disappeared some day?  All my new found friends would be gone.... All my blogs no longer readable....   That would be a devastating loss...  Next thought was should I be keeping a copy of this stuff,  maybe a note book with all articles I have written.  Should I print out the profile pages of Associates so I can find them when needed?   

Like all worries that fill your mind after a loss it may be short lived.   ActiveRain is up and Running.....

But now it is 5:30 am.... Coffee is brewing and my shower awaits..

So much for the blog I was planning to create... It will have to wait!

But my question remains....  Do you back-up your blog?  



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NO! - Not the way to begin my day!
Dating back to the late 1600's people have said " The Early Bird Catches The Worm ". Well… last night I shut down at about 10:00 pm and relaxed for an hour before bed… 4:30 am Rise & Shine to start my busy day. Figured I would… more
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