The Running Realtor: February 2007

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Never to OLD to Rock & Roll…?

It may be true but the price of admission ain't CHEAP...!! 

Today is " Ticked Off Tuesday " on my local radio station. This morning one of the callers complained about the high price of concert tickets, brought to mind my thoughts of the Areosmith show a few months ago.

Coming of age in the 70's, me and the boys saw many shows.  In the heyday of the New Haven Coliseum (recently imploded) the top bands were always coming to town.

During what I consider the height of Areosmith's popularity "Toys in the Attic" I became burnt out on the music.  While in high school one of my many jobs was working in the cafeteria of UNH, during my all day Saturday & Sunday shift the college station kept side one of the album on continuous repeat play.

Getting back on track, my wife never saw the group so for her birthday I got tickets to the show at the Mohegan Sun Casino.  Two Tickets & Dinner.... about $350.00

To keep costs in perspective I often gauge prices by the Minimum Wage.  Back in the day we paid about triple the minimum wage to get Floor Seats.  Fast forward to the Areosmith show, with the minimum today around $7.50 it cost me 16 hours of wages per seat.  Since I forgot when they were actually going on sale I purchased the tickets on the second or third day when a commercial jogged my memory.

My view from the TOP.... Image my shock when we arrive at our seats, last row on the far right side of the stage... These were computer selected - Best Available!  


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