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Cyber Monday Marketing Myth

The Cyber Monday Marketing Myth began with the 2005 shopping season to create media frenzy and brainwash the masses into thinking they should be sitting at work spending money instead of doing their job.  As it turns out there is no basis for calling Cyber Mondayanything other than media hype.  Looking back at on-line sales for 2005 cited data the shows the first two Mondays in December were actually busier then Cyber Monday.

So... With Black Friday behind you and Cyber Monday approaching are you finding the bargains?  From what I have heard and seen Black Friday may be one of the biggest Bait & Switch  campaigns in history.  Although the advertising really isn't deceptive it can be called misleading.  Looking at all the fantastic Door-Buster Bargain closely you'll notice fine print disclaimers noting - Quantities Limited! and No Rainchecks!   Reading between the lines it looks pretty clearly like teaser deals to lure you into the store hoping you spend your wad on something else.

The wisest thing you can do the holiday season is remain level headed and think before you spend.  It will be more fun to start the new year with a smile instead of a lingering debt from excessive shopping for quickly discarded items.

If you are in the market for a new home now is a great time to begin your search.  During the coming winter months less buyers are looking at homes and you may find a better deal instead of waiting for the prime spring market to arrive.  Give me a call or drop me an email if you need assistance Buying or Selling a home in my territory.

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