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Guilford Frosty 5k - 2008

2008 Frosty 5k in Guilford Connecticut


How many of you are starting the year with a resolution to get into better shape? You can begin at the Guilford Rotary Club's FROSTY 5k.   The 3.1 mile road race might be a little ambitious if you have not been exercising but there is a 2k Walk that should suit any fitness level. Registration opens at 9:30 at the Church Street Community Center and the race will start and finish on the Guilford Green.

Event:   Guilford Frosty 5k

When:  January 1, 2008 at 11:00 am

Where: Guilford Green - Exit 58 off 95 and go south on Route 77

Last year a cold rain was pouring down so I decided to skip the run.  The forecast this year looks a little tricky.  Rain is suppose to begin around race time but lets hope the weather forecasters are wrong again.  Today we were suppose to awaken to several inches of snow but all we had were overnight rains and a day of blue skies with sunshine.

I'm always running around the Connecticut Shoreline so if you need assistance Buying or Selling a home in my territory just remember to google Dan Cummings, The Running Realtor or email   


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EDIT:   Guilford Frosty 5k Results  



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