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Junk Mail and Vigilantie Justice


I say if we cannot banish the bastards develop a way to fight back!  Every day we all have to deal with jerks that waste our time sending commercial spam or their latest half ass scam.  Normally I just hit delete and move on but since this was in my Email and also my ActiveRain Message section I wondered if there was an easy way to fight back.

Since I am no techno-genius I have no clue how much trouble the Spam'er goes through to accomplish their goal.  Did they pick my name individually, select send me an email, paste in the message and type "Tomato"....? 

Certainly seems like allot of trouble.  I assume spam control is like gun control, law abiding citizens have to put up with the bureaucracy but criminals find a way around the rules. 

In any event thought I would throw my idea out there.... Is it possible to have a spam complaint button where the offenders I.P. address would be flagged and after a number of verifiable complaints they get hammered every minute or two with a copy of their own junk mail. 

Yes... I realize this may be impossibe with the ability to mask IP's and create dummy email addresses.

How about a program that automatically reads the phone number in the message and dials it every minute reading them their junk mail..  

Just a few thoughts in case some programmer wants a challenge.







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Junk Mail and Vigilantie Justice
I say if we cannot banish the bastards develop a way to fight back! Every day we all have to deal with jerks that waste our time sending commercial spam or their latest half ass scam. Normally I just hit delete and move on but since this was in… more
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