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Flat Matt - The Connecticut Week & a Day...

Well, Flat Matt is off to his next destination.  He should arrive in North Carolina early next week.  His Connecticut adventures started out on Thursday with a little shopping, running, pizza & beer. Friday he was off to the Peabody Museum at Yale to visit the Trilobites and he spent the day Saturday working around the yard.

Sunday came and it was Race Day in North Haven.  We took a quick ride by the North Haven Green and then off to our run.


Later that day we had to finish our yard work.  As I worked moving the brush pile Flat Matt wanted to play with guns to prepare for future adventures in the wild west.  Matt.... Be careful or you'll shoot your eye out!  Our next trip was to visit North Branford, click here for a real estate show.

Next Matt is heading into Guilford for some needed repairs.                             


We got disrupted with work for the next couple of days and the mornings remained foggy and only cleared to a haze...  But Matt wanted to see all five of my primary towns so we stopped by the Wharf in Madison and swung into  Branford which offers some good sites to see, there are Houses on Islands and we saw two or three.


Flat Matt has been here for a week and day so it is finally time that he goes on his way.  I packed up his bag with a few extra eyes and because we are guys it was a quick goodbye....







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