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Boothbay Harbor in Vacationland


Normally Maine is a weekend destination for our mini-vacations but most of the time we avoid the tourist attractions and relax on our lake.  For a change of pace we decided to spend the day at Boothbay

In addition to poking around in little shops or having lunch there are a number of water activities.

Kayak rentals are available, various fishing charters are based out of the harbor and there are plenty of scenic cruises.  Since the day was a little on the cool side for mid August we choose to spend a few hours on Cap's Combo.

Boothbay Harbor is both a tourist destination and a working port so we saw plenty of Lobster Boats mixed in among the pleasure vessels.  Lobster enthusiasts can even go out on a Trap Hauling trip that lasts just over an hour.  Other short cruises include Whale Watching or Seal Sighting adventures.  You can easily fill a day, a weekend or even a week hanging around the harbor. 

Nearby Reid State Park has sandy beaches for those that just cannot resist the temptation of swimming in the cool waters of Maine's Mid-Coast.  It has been a number of years since I've taken a plunge but I recall the thoughts of Bone Chilling Cold crossing my mind as I exited the Atlantic waters of Maine.  There is also a protected lagoon area where the water gets quite warm.

Here are the Lighthouses we saw on this trip - Ram Island Light,  the Peraquid Point Light or the Burnt Island Light.

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Normally Maine is a weekend destination for our mini-vacations but most of the time we avoid the tourist attractions and relax on our lake. For a change of pace we decided to spend the day at Boothbay In addition to poking around in little… more
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